Name Giving Ceremonies


You spent such a long time choosing the perfect name for your baby, so a Name Giving Ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of your baby with family and friends and to formerly announce your babies' name to the world.

My husband and I had Name Giving Ceremonies for our boys and they were such joyful days.  We used them as a way to also thank our family and friends who had been so supportive during the pregnancy and the birth, and to formally announce the God Parents which we had chosen for our sons. The photos we have of those days are so very precious to us.

When we meet I will bring with me a large range of verses, readings, music and some ideas for a ritual, such as a candle lighting ceremony, which you can choose from. We will work together to create the perfect day for you all.

I will write the Ceremony and then email it to you so that you will have full control of every word spoken at the Ceremony and this electronic copy can then be sent to family and friends after the Ceremony, who are unable to be there. You can then also include it in a scrapbook memory album of the day if you wish.

I will provide you with a Presentation Copy of the Ceremony and a Name Giving Certificate in colours to match the colour scheme of the day.

I will use a professional PA system if required and you can play your music through an ipod or iphone through my PA system if you wish.

I look forward to meeting you and especially to having a cuddle of your tiny bundle of joy. My boys are HUGE now, and even though they are very cuddly, they are difficult to wrap in a bunny rug!

Please feel free to contact me. As a full time Celebrant, I can be contacted at a time

 convenient to you by phone on 0407 387 117

or by email at